Bundle Monster 15pc Studio Pro Makeup Make Up Cosmetic Brush Set Kit w/ Black Faux Crocodile Case – For Eye Shadow, Blush, Eyeliner, Etc. : Professional Make Up Brushes Kit Best Deal

November 28th, 2011

If you are looking for a set of makeup brushes that will best fit his or her style of applying make ups on, the Bundle Monster 15pc Studio Pro Makeup Makeup Cosmetic Brush Set Kit w/ Black Faux Crocodile Case – For Eye Shadow, Blush, Eyeliner, is the best choice. This is a kind of set that is made especially for the professionals that are aligned in the trade for make ups.

This is also a brand that is recommended to make up enthusiasts who want all of the necessities for a stylish finish and look. This is going to help people in putting make-ups on a professional level regardless of the time of the day. It has fifteen pieces of brushes with it. The brushes are encased in a sophisticated as well as a fashionable black faux. It is made out of a crocodile skin that is rolled up and made into a case in order to store the brushes in.

Each of the brush is featured with a long and black handle that is made out of wood therefore it is light to use. It is covered in a clear plastic wrap to protect it from dust and dirt and to maintain its cleanliness. The manufacturer is striving hard to strike a good balance in between the price as well as the quality and at the same time being able to bring a good quality of products to their customers. Therefore it is guaranteed to be of really good quality.

The rolled up case dimension is about 8″ x 4″ x 1.25″. Its weight is about 6.7 ounce. It is a fact that professionals wash their brushes and dry them up before using in order to ensure best results on the makeup application. In line with this, it is indicated on the packaging on the item for added reminder to the buyer.

This brand is affordable that comes with a large powder brush, medium one, angle powder brush, foundation brush, flat brush for eye shadows with different kinds, and many more. It is only priced at $18.75 currently from its original retail price of $26.50. The total saving is about $7.75 so indeed it is a good buy. This is eligible for free shipment when an order reaches over $25. Indeed, nothing can beat this offer!

Shany Cosmetics Butterfly Makeup Kit, 2011 Collection, All in One Makeup Set: Makeup That Is Best For Teenagers

November 20th, 2011

With the current generation already loving makeup all the way, the Shany Cosmetics Butterfly Makeup Kit, 2011 Collection, All in One Makeup Set is one of the favorites by many women and girls alike. There are a lot of reasons why girls like it the most. Here are some of those reasons:

* It only weighsabout a pound however, it is about a total of a pound and four when put in a package for shipment.

* It is about ten by eight by four inches in diameter and is very handy and portable.

* This contains everything that a woman needs. It is a butterfly type of a makeup kit.

* The overall kit already has a set of different colors for eyeshadow, it has a good quality of powder and at the same time a foundation for base makeup.

* At the center part of the kit, it has a mascara, several eyeliner pencils, as well as lipliners for perfection in putting lipstick on.

* This one also carries a variety of options for nail colors that a person can use anytime as needed.

* This has lipgloss in it as well as the main lipstick.

* Currently, it is priced at $19.25 which is already discounted from the original price of $19.95.

* It is recently offered to be shipped free of charge.

* This will be delivered on time because it is always in stock that the manufacturer has made sure of.

* It can be easily and quickly purchased online without all that hassle of talking to a person or standing in line just to get the item.

* Even though it is going to be a holiday on a Tuesday, a person can still order it immediately to have it shipped within twenty four hours.

* This is best recommended as a present for teenagers who are starting to learn putting makeup on.

There are sample of photos as well to show online so that you can have an idea on what it actually looks like. Accent your beauty and bring out your best look – Shany Cosmetics Butterfly Makeup Kit can surely make that happen.

NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette 10 Color, Champagne and Caviar, 0.49 Ounce: From Barely There To Smokey Bold Make Up

November 16th, 2011

People, especially women are particular on their everyday wear of makeup. This is why there are a lot of brands as well as lines of cosmetics that are introduced to them every now including the NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette 10 Color, Champagne and Caviar, 0.49 Ounce. It is very safe to use because it is made out of a mineral oil. This product contains a total of ten eye shadow colors and shades for the eyes.
Such are featured with a number of bold combinations that a lady does not have to spend so much time on applying it over and over again to make it appear like it is there. It has a high pigmentation therefore it will have a lasting wear capability. This also has a shade set of selections that are all inspired by different colors as well as various fashion styles and forms from all over the world.

Like many other of its kinds, it also comes with a sleek and beautiful case which already includes a sponge applicator that is double ended. This is known to be perfect for applying makeup while on the go for women who are too busy spending a lot of time in front of a mirror to put make ups on. For women who do not like to wear colorful makeup, this is the best bet because it carries neutral colors sets of selections as well.

When the colors are worn, they are pigmented, they are “blendable” and at the same time they feel smooth and more beautiful that adds up a person’s confidence on a day to day dealings. The case comes with a good mirror that always tells the truth and compliments a user’s beauty. Some of its colors are shimmery and gives a matte finish as well. Such colors are either for barely there makeup or a night time look with all that smoky makeup application.

Right now, the item is offered at $10.05 and can be shipped free of charge. If you happen to have ordered it on a holiday, no worries because it will still be shipped on time. There are current options for you to order it immediately online without having to wait on the phone or stand in line to get the item. Just a few mouse clicks away, it will be ready for shipment right away!

Shany Professional Cosmetic Brush Set with Pouch: Animal Friendly Makeup Brushes

November 10th, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen alike would love the Shany Professional Cosmetic Brush Set with Pouch (Color May Vary), 13 pc because it comes with a lot of advantages when used. Aside from the fact that the product is currently offered with free shipment with a total purchase of twenty five dollars, it is very affordable. It is now offered at $12.99 that anyone can afford to buy any time.

This is currently in stock therefore, a consumer is guaranteed that the item will be delivered to their doorsteps at a promised date. It is going to match a lady’s lifestyle because it has twelve piece set of brushes that are encased in an amazing and beautiful pouch. The brushes are best for both amateur and professional makeup artists.

It has a set for professionals that will make them more exceptional with their professional application using the brushes. However, a consumer will have to understand that the color of the hair on the brush will vary. They can be either black or white. It also applies on the pouch color. The good thing about it is that the buyer has the option to choose the color of the pouch. It is available in different colors such are silver, black, gold, pink, white, as well as purple.

The brushes are made out of animal hair as well as synthetic hair and they are silky and soft to touch. The manufacturer used animal brushes because they know that such are best in applying makeup a lot more evenly compared to other materials. They are also easier to clean therefore you do not have to go through all the hassle of the conventional way of cleaning brushes up.

All of the twelve brushes are designed with a long and easy to grip kind of handle for a better precision while applying the makeup on. Also, the brush set is also shipped to the buyer in a clear plastic wrap in order to protect them from any dirt and at the same time all the dust. The manufacturer is a proud member of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA thus they do not test their makeup on any kinds of animal. There are also no animals that are harmed in creating the featured natural brushes.

The Comfort in Using the BH Cosmetics 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 2nd Edition

November 7th, 2011

Women in the modern world are fond of cosmetics of different brands and features. Even kids at an early stage of their lives would already show interest in cosmetics whenever they see their moms putting their make ups on in front of a dresser. There are a lot of cosmetic standards that a person would base purchasing an item on. However, the most looked after feature of a cosmetic is the easiness of use. It should not be complicated to use regardless of the complexity or simplicity of the makeup. The BH Cosmetics 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 2nd Edition has all that features needed by a woman.

*This brand of cosmetics is able to offer a hundred and twenty different colors of eyeshadow palettes in it that a woman can choose from. It comes handy if she likes to wear different colors of make ups every now and then.

*This is a very economical kind of cosmetics because a single color palette has two layers in it.

*Although the case of the cosmetic is a little bigger than usual that is about 9″ x 6″ in size, it is still portable that a woman can bring with her anywhere and it is also convenient to use.

*The original price of the product is at $29.95 but for the current season, it has been cut down to $19.95 which anybody afford – can be an early present for Christmas.

* If an order is made and is amounted to more than twenty five dollars, the shipment is free of charge.

*Unlike other cosmetics, this is always in stock that the manufacturer has made sure about. They do not want to make their clients suffer in waiting for the next time it will be available again – although this item is one of the best sellers. That is one main reason why it is assured that it is always in stock.

*The makeup lasts longer than a woman expects it to last. Therefore, there is no need to go to rest room to freshen up often.

* It does not feel heavy like other cosmetics available in the market these days. In fact, it just feels lighter and very soft on the skin.

*These eyeshadow colors are able to easily create a clear as well as brilliant finish on eye makeups.

*This brand already comes with a matte and at the same time a set of shimmer colors.

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